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Smart, Tough Representation In Criminal Matters

If you are facing criminal charges, you know that there is a lot at stake. You need a lawyer who is ready to fight for your freedom and protect your rights. When you hire Miller Flannery Law LLC, that’s the kind of lawyer you’ll have.

We believe in providing clients with strong legal advocacy in a no-judgment environment. Attorney Alan Miller will sit down with you, listen to your side of the story and take the time to discuss all legal options with you. Then, he will collaborate with you to resolve your criminal charges as favorably as possible.

Experienced Representation Against A Variety Of Charges

Our firm offers skilled legal representation in most criminal matters, including:

Additional Legal Services

In addition to helping you resolve criminal charges, we can also work on your behalf to mitigate any collateral consequences associated with criminal charges or a conviction. Some examples include:

Restoration of your driving privileges: After a DUI, many drivers lose their personal license and/or their commercial driver’s license. In either case, we may be able to help you restore driving privileges, allowing you to continue working a job and supporting your family.

Sentence modification: Indiana law provides some flexibility in how crimes are sentenced. Under one of these programs, known as alternative misdemeanor sentencing, some felony offenses can be reduced to misdemeanors if the defendant qualifies and fulfills conditions imposed by the court.

Expungement: A criminal record can continue to negatively impact your life long after your sentence has been served. Convictions found during a background check can make it much harder to get a job, find good housing or pursue higher education. Our firm can help you seek to have certain records expunged, removing them from most public searches.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Case

From our office in Lawrenceburg, Miller Flannery Law LLC serves clients throughout southeast Indiana. To discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney, call us at 812-496-3666, or send us an email.