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Helping You Fight Drunk Driving Charges

Even a first-time offender of Indiana’s drunk driving laws faces serious charges. Often, it’s not just the jail time and fines that can leave you stressed. It’s whether or not you’ll lose your job or your license. For repeat offenders, the penalties are even more severe. In any case, you’ll be burdened with higher insurance costs, restrictions on your driving privileges and possibly worse.

An experienced attorney, however, can help you explore all your options. From looking at having charges reduced, to even possibly dismissed, the lawyers at Miller Flannery Law LLC can provide the defense counsel you need. From our Lawrenceburg office, we can provide smart courtroom representation and tough negotiation with the opposing counsel.

Drunk Driving Charges Are Serious. Serious Representation Can Help.

We offer knowledgeable legal representation to those:

  • Facing a first-offense DUI
  • Repeat offenders
  • Commercial drivers and CDL holders
  • Underage offenders

We know how DUI penalties can affect your life, career and reputation. We’ll work with you from start to finish, from arrest to license reinstatement. Along the way, we’ll explore every option and avenue. If necessary, we’ll work to determine the appropriate alcohol deterrent program. If we believe that your rights have been violated, we’ll push back.

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