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How can I help my parent preplan his or her funeral?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2021 | estate administration & probate |

It is difficult to think about your parent’s death, but when the time comes, it helps to have a plan in place. It will make it easier on you and allow you to grieve without having to make a bunch of decisions.

Another good thing about preplanning a funeral is it allows your parent to have input and ensure things happen the way he or she wants. It can feel empowering to an older person to take this step. AARP suggests starting with discussing the funeral and burial plans along with discovering what requirements there are.

Start researching

Once you have a general idea of what your loved one would like, you can begin shopping around. Some funeral homes offer special packages for preplanning.

You want to check and compare costs as well. Ensure the funeral homes you consider are reputable and have a solid history. You want to ensure it will still likely be in business when the time comes.

Avoid pressure

It can be easy to grab up a package because it seems like a deal, but make sure your loved one’s wishes stay the focus. Do not allow the facility to pressure him or her into making choices. They may try to push certain services or upgrades that your loved one really does not want.

Understand prepayment terms

You do not have to prepay for your funeral even though many facilities will encourage it. If your loved one does decide to pay now, you should check into the terms.

Find out about the refund policy. Specifically, ask about protection if the funeral home goes out of business before your parent’s death. You also want to check rates and ensure they are fair. Know what will happen if costs go down or you need to make changes and how refunds would work in those situations.

The bottom line is preplanning a funeral reduces stress and allows your loved one to have some control over the end of his or her life.