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chapter 7

Managing credit card debt

Credit card debt has taken over the lives of many Americans, and those in Indiana are no exception. Particularly if you have experienced job loss or a downturn in your local economy, it is not unusual to end up relying on your credit cards to get through hard times....

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2018 holiday spending trends

People in Indiana who struggle with debt rarely end up in such a position from just one holiday season. Nonetheless, this time of year can definitely put a damper on a consumer's attempt to pay down debt or to avoid racking up more debt. Despite the best of...

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When does the fiscal year end?

The end of the fiscal year is probably a big time for your business: Many Indiana entrepreneurs have their schedules lined up for their fiscal, tax and calendar years. For sole proprietorships and one-person LLCs, this coordination is, in fact, an IRS mandate....

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