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December 2018 Archives

2018 holiday spending trends

People in Indiana who struggle with debt rarely end up in such a position from just one holiday season. Nonetheless, this time of year can definitely put a damper on a consumer's attempt to pay down debt or to avoid racking up more debt. Despite the best of intentions, buying during the holidays seems to be one of those things that is hard to resist. 

What happens if you die without a will

If you die without having written a will, your estate is called "intestate" and Indiana has very specific rules about how your estate will be distributed. Without a will, your estate might not be distributed according to your desires. It also might not be distributed in a way you believe is best for your spouse or heirs. It's a one-size-fits-all law meant to treat everyone fairly when there's a lack of information as to your desires.

Can a family meeting prevent issues after you die?

Estate planning can be stressful. It is made even more so if you are dealing with difficult family members who you fear will cause trouble when you die. Nothing will stall probate in the Indiana courts as bad as arguing among family members over who gets what. To avoid this issue, Boston University suggests holding a family meeting.

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