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Six ways to help manage a senior’s affairs

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Elder Law |

It can be difficult to prepare for the process of aging and becoming a senior citizen. Completing a simple task can take longer than expected, and managing your finances is sometimes challenging. The following are six ways for seniors in Indiana to put their legal and financial affairs in order.

Check bank charges regularly

Seniors cannot have their finances in order if they don’t know what’s going on with their money. You are advised to check your bank account charges and statements regularly.

Invest in a long-term financial plan

Seniors need to invest in long-term financial planning. As they get older, their health becomes more unpredictable, so their general living expenses become more unexpected.

Understand the basics of elder law

Seniors need to understand the basics of elder law. They need to understand about fraud that targets elderly people as well as learn about estate administration, conservatorship and long-term care options.

Plan estate

At this stage in life, seniors should have their wills written out, which include the names of their executors and beneficiaries. Ideally, seniors will have trusted individuals review their estate plans to see if any important steps have been overlooked.

Follow organizational tips

No one at any age can get their affairs in order in a cluttered workspace. Seniors should practice good organizational techniques like taking notes on a calendar or following a weekly task schedule.

Arrange living accommodations

Some seniors make changes to their living arrangements if that becomes necessary. This includes installing assisted living devices around the home to prevent accidents and injuries.

Prepare for the aging years

Planning is how seniors prevent legal, medical and financial disasters in the future. They might struggle with conducting their most basic activities, from writing a will to paying for medical bills. An elderly person’s children and caregivers can assist in the process of putting personal affairs in order.