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How to help your elder loved one transition to elder care

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Elder Law |

If your elderly parent is no longer able to care for themselves at home, you have the option of Indiana nursing home care. It’s important to have some tips on how to help them transition to their new situation.

Talk to them and hear them

Sit down and talk to your loved one about their situation. Explain that now is the time for them to move into nursing care and that it’s for their benefit. Your parent might object at first, but hear their side so you can rationally discuss the situation.

Choose the right facility

The first big part of helping your loved one transition to elder care is to find the right facility. Research a few options to learn what they offer. Weed out the ones that aren’t a good fit so that you have a select few remaining. Ultimately, you will find the best nursing home for your parent.

Pack efficiently

When a person moves into a nursing home, they won’t be taking all of their belongings with them. As a result, it’s important to pack efficiently for the move. Explain to your loved one that it’s necessary to downsize at this time. The most important things should be packed, but your parent can bring a few things that are sentimental to them as well.

Make their new surroundings look like home

Personalize your parent’s new living area. When their surroundings look like home, it makes their transition to nursing home care easier. Showing sentimental items can make all the difference in the world and help them get acclimated to living someplace new.

Encourage them to be social

While it might be difficult, you should encourage your loved one to be social. Getting to know their neighbors can help build friendships and increase morale. Your parent might suddenly enjoy their new living situation as a result.