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Completing the probate process may take time

On Behalf of | May 4, 2022 | trust & probate administration |

If you’re dealing with an estate going through probate in Indiana and wonder how long it will take to complete, several factors can influence the timeline. Examining some of the factors can provide more insight into why the probate process can take time.

Factors that can extend the probate process

Every probate process that occurs is unique. Here are some factors that can cause problems and extend the timeline:

• Location of the executor

• Number of beneficiaries

• Beneficiary disagreements

• Will contest

• Dealing with several debts

• Leaving no will

• Paying back taxes or taxes from the prior year

Handling all of these factors affecting probate can quickly take time and extend the process considerably.

Distance and disagreements can lengthen the probate process

If there is more than one beneficiary in the estate plan, the time to finish the probate process can be lengthened. Another factor to consider is the location of the beneficiaries. Living farther away from the attorney means that it will take time to send legal documents back and forth.

Disagreements between beneficiaries and the steps required to complete the probate process can also extend its length. For example, if a son of the deceased was promised a specific asset and it isn’t listed in a will, they may dispute the actions taken by the executor. Doing so will likely extend the process. If more beneficiaries aren’t happy, there’s likely to be an even more significant delay.

Creditors and the IRS get paid first

in some situations, an individual may find it challenging to make ends meet near the end of their life. Without a steady income from work, medical bills can escalate. Creditors will need to be paid first before assets are distributed, which can take time.

As you can see, several factors can slow down the probate process. Knowing more about them may make it easier for you to determine the time for completion.