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What to know about elder law and family caregivers

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2021 | Elder Law |

If you’ve decided to take on the role of caregiver for a family member in Indiana, you don’t need to take on every aspect of this weighty responsibility alone. A professional with experience in elder law may help you develop a long-term care plan, access Medicaid and understand how to identify financial exploitation.

Developing a long-term care plan

An elder law attorney may help you deal with financial and medical issues related to senior members of a family. Tapping into this knowledge and experience when you want to develop a long-term care plan for your mother, father or close relative can be highly beneficial. A professional may assist in knowing the type of care required and protecting assets in the case of a long-term care scenario.

Accessing Medicaid

Your loved one is probably eligible for Medicaid benefits. Understanding the information associated with this area and information related to additional government resources or veterans benefits should be more efficient to receive with professional assistance.

Protecting assets and avoiding financial exploitation

Protecting the assets of your loved one from dishonest individuals is critical. Asking an elder law attorney about ways to spot this problem and avoid it from occurring is essential. When an older family member starts to decline in health, it can provide the opportunity for unscrupulous predators to show up and try to exploit financial accounts. Knowing the type of activity to watch for should make it easier for you to stop any problematic behavior quickly.

It is important to know how to navigate specific areas associated with loved ones who are getting older and can’t take care of themselves as efficiently as they could in the past. Your care in their time of need may help them live comfortably and avoid being taken advantage of.