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Making The Right Decisions For Your Health

Medicaid and Medicare have far-reaching effects on the people of Lawrenceburg, as well as every other community in Indiana. Many people turn to these programs in times of emergency: a sudden illness, an unexpected medical diagnosis. However, qualifying and figuring out how to make them work for you can be difficult and time-consuming, especially when you’re stressing over an emergency.

Attorney Adrienne M. Flannery’s unique background working with Social Security gives her a more complete picture of how Social Security works with Medicaid, Medicare and other estate planning tools. She will advise and direct you on how to set goals, and what actions will need to be taken to protect your assets while getting the help you need.

When Should You Consider Medicaid Planning?

Individuals are frequently unaware of the many benefits available to them through Medicaid, and other social programs. Often, people will wait to consider planning Medicaid actions until:

  • They are faced with an urgent or life-threatening diagnosis
  • Their disabled child is approaching their 18th birthday
  • The primary breadwinner unexpectedly dies

Aside from these types of life-changing events, some are reluctant to consider their options because of some misconceptions about Medicaid. It is not merely for the elderly with few alternatives. It’s for people who are mostly independent who just need some small assistance with their living situation.

At our firm, our lawyers will help you go through assets, get the necessary documentation in place, and come up with a plan to maximize your coverage while minimizing the impact on your wallet and financial future. This is often a balancing act, and we can help you see through it.

Get Medicaid Advice From Attorneys Who Care About Their Community

If you have questions about what social programs you are entitled to, you need to speak with attorneys who are devoted to serving their clients’ needs in regard to Medicaid and other social services. Contact Miller Flannery Law LLC at 812-496-3666, or email us.