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Helping Parents Address Their Custody And Support Concerns

Parenting decisions are often at the heart of many of the most serious disagreements during divorce proceedings. These matters are inherently emotional. Often, it’s a question of two different parenting philosophies. But ultimately, the courts will try to take into consideration the child’s best interests.

At Miller Flannery Law LLC, attorney Adrienne Flannery will advocate for you to obtain fair and reasonable agreements as they relate to child custody and child support. We can make sure that your parental rights are being respected, while placing you in favorable, long-term positions.

Helping You Determine The Appropriate Custody Arrangement

Finding the right parenting plan can be difficult. Our firm can help you come to an agreement over matters relating to both:

  • Physical custody: where the child will physically reside
  • Legal custody: the right to make decisions in regard to your child’s upbringing.

Physical custody is based on a variety of factors, including:

  • The age of the child
  • The child’s wishes (this may be weighed more heavily if the child is over 14 years of age)
  • The location of the child’s school, home and friend group
  • Evidence of domestic battery or violence

Legal custody, on the other hand, is generally awarded to both parents, unless there is a good reason for sole custody.

Our child custody lawyers can represent you as you work to determine the right custody and visitation plans.

Calculating And Enforcing Child Support

In Indiana, child support is calculated based on a formula that includes income, the cost of care and insurance, and other factors. But that doesn’t mean that it’s cut and dry. Sometimes, the court doesn’t fully assess the entire picture.

We have represented both mothers and fathers, as well as those expecting to pay and receive child support. We also assist on cases involving enforcement and modifications to existing orders.

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