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Crafting The Estate Planning Documents You Need

Many people shy away from the estate planning process, jeopardizing their wealth and peace of mind in the process. However, even just drafting a simple will or establishing a trust can do a lot to protect you and your loved ones should something unexpected occur.

At Miller Flannery Law LLC, we understand that life is always changing. Our lawyers work with clients in Lawrenceburg and across Dearborn County to create plans that work for them and are responsive to the changes that can occur during your life.

Why Every Adult Should Have A Will

We spend the majority of our lives accumulating wealth so that we can take care of our families and loved ones. However, the reality is that we also need to plan for what happens after we pass. A will can help you designate who should receive your possessions and assets after your death.

Those without wills die “intestate,” meaning that the state of Indiana decides who should receive your property. This can often result in a messy, contentious process. We want to help your loved ones avoid it.

We also work to draft advance directives such as powers of attorney and living wills that are meant to respect your wishes should you become incapacitated.

How Trusts Can Help You Avoid Probate

After death, a will is “probated” in court. This is a process that’s designed to ensure that the property goes to the correct beneficiaries. However, it can be lengthy and costly. Establishing a trust may help you transfer your assets according to your wishes while avoiding the probate process.

Our attorneys can help you draft both revocable and irrevocable trusts, as well as special needs trusts designed to help your disabled loved ones. We can help you find out which plan works for you, and we’ll work with you to execute it.

Make Sure Your Plan Responds To Your Life Changes

We are here to prioritize your wishes for what happens to your wealth when you pass away. Our attorneys are dedicated to ensuring our clients avoid probate, set up asset protections and design wills and trusts appropriate for their goals.

Contact Miller Flannery Law LLC, at our convenient Lawrenceburg, Indiana, office at 812-496-3666, or email us.