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Fighting Against Indiana’s Harsh Drug Penalties

There’s a national crisis concerning opioids and other drugs. Indiana in particular has been hit hard. Nevertheless, drug laws in our state are particularly harsh. Often, the punishments are serious prison time and fines ranging in the thousands. Even minor possession charges can have serious consequences. Without a capable attorney by your side, you may be facing stiff, life-changing penalties.

At Miller Flannery Law LLC, we can help provide the representation you need. We’ll work with you throughout the process. Whatever the circumstances, we’ll work to protect your rights.

Drug Offenses Call For A Smart Defense

Our attorneys begin by taking a thorough approach to your case, examining every detail and document. Our goal is always to have criminal charges dismissed or reduced. When possible, we try to steer our clients to rehabilitation or treatment programs.

We offer representation in a variety of drug cases, including:

  • Possession, including of paraphernalia
  • Dealing or distribution charges
  • Manufacturing or trafficking

Our firm has represented clients dealing with everything from meth charges to possession of heroin. We know how serious these charges are. Often, you’ll be facing additional related charges.

We can work with you to create a defense strategy using the facts of your case. The consequences are too high to not be prepared — from losing your job to your freedom. It’s imperative to have quality legal help by your side.

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